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The firm’s operating philosophy has always been one based on realistic objectives for each property in its’ specific market setting, personalized marketing, accurate and timely financial reporting, stringent cost controls and quality in both products and services. More often than not, the entities managed were distressed properties in fiercely competitive, overbuilt markets. Downturns in the economy have also stimulated the need for the services of American Hospitality Services, Corp., in particular where ownership lacked the specific leisure industry experience to operate in such circumstances. The majority of the firm’s history has involved the more intense management of hotels, restaurants, lounges, etc. A hotel room is a perishable commodity in that it is lost if not rented today, so one can see that the marketing process is extremely important for such an entity. The food industry is a labor intensive business as well as one involving low profit margins. These operations also have multiple points of sale whereas most commercial real estate has only one or two at the most with revenues being collected once a month.

The tenure of the corporate staff at American Hospitality Services, Corp. also reflects the company’s firm grasp on operating in various economies. By maintaining the same operating philosophies at the corporate level as at the property level, the firm’s ability to move with the times has allowed it to maintain such stability over the past years. It is structured to respond quickly to information as it emerges, thus managing its impact rather than responding to its outcome as is the case with most top heavy organizations today. American Hospitality Services, Corp. is a very “hands on” organization in that all its personnel are willing to spend the time and energy necessary to make the operation succeed in the eyes of ownership to the extent possible in the specific circumstances of each site.