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The skills of American Hospitality Services, Corp. come for the experience of its principals. The ability to approach each operation with a fresh set of eyes has proved invaluable throughout the history of the firm. Each location is first evaluated as to its current situation. One needs to see what “is” before change is implemented. Once this is accomplished, short and long term goals may be developed to maximize product placement in a particular market. Operating procedures can be put in place to maximize revenue streams, minimize overhead costs, and insure guest and employee safety. Information can be provided so that ownership has a better picture of the investment’s current status as well as its’ future potential.

The Team Approach:

Developing employees is a key concept for American Hospitality Services, Corp. We believe that each member of the staff, from the top to the bottom, from the front of the house to the back, is important in maximizing the potential of each property. Leadership by example forms the basis for such an approach. Pride of ownership is encouraged along with the concept of being a part of the family. This nourishes the idea that a positive attitude stimulates positive outcomes for both the employee and the property.